Sunday, November 29, 2009

stuffy nose, scratchy throat, stomach from hell, and three drunk bears

Finishing all my assignments except my thesis sketch, which is due Tuesday. These are some bears I drew for Jon Reinfurt's class on Thursday.

Notice that the koala and Chewbacca are both pissed. Can you guess why? (Science class)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too many cats in the kitchen.

DUDLEY, Mass. -A Massachusetts town has made it illegal to own more than three cats without getting a special license. Voters at a town meeting in Dudley added language to a town bylaw on Monday night that makes it illegal to own more than three cats without a $50 residential kennel license.
The article was in response to a neighborhood feud over the 15 cats owned by Mary Ellen Richards. The Telegram & Gazette of Worcester reports that one neighbor claimed the cats have ruined his yard. Richards has put her home up for sale and says she plans to move to a "more cat-friendly community."
Dudley is about 60 miles southwest of Boston.

Information from: Telegram & Gazette,
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2009-11-03 19:07:10