Friday, April 30, 2010

google translate: ra ra, lutdut daha, ga ga, oohla laha

I revoke my statement in the last post. This is my new Best Piece Ever. I really nailed the boobs on this one. And on that note, I'm going to use this opportunity to practice my professional artist's statement writing, while utilizing some sweet html I just learned to make my longer blogs more reader-friendly.

Lady Gaga, Royal Flush mock cover
Kristin Leigh Koefoed, 2010

For this personal piece I decided to make the illustration of a mock cover for the magazine Royal Flush. Keeping the general voice of the magazine in mind, I recognized that were this a real-world assignment, avid RF readers might at first be horrified to see a pop icon on their favorite alternative magazine. Due to this, it was especially important to make the headlines as clear as possible verbally, and as present as possible graphically. It is indicated that the feature article tries to analyze the nonsensical phenomena of modern pop music from an outside perspective, rather than glorifying it.

For the secondary text, I referenced previous issues of Royal Flush and compiled a list of people featured in the magazine, their occupations, and markets. I used the whole to develop a better sense of what RF's readers care about and from there, I only had to make a list of people and things I would write about if this were my magazine.

For the Royal Flush logo and the Number Foundation insignia, magazine editor Josh Bernstein was nice enough to send me high resolution copies. For this I am so thankful, because trying to use the pen tool to trace over a crappy scan would have undoubtedly bore horrifying results.

However, as I was unable to acquire Neutraface 2, the House Industries font family used by the actual magazine, I laid in a substitute font** that I felt had the same overall feel. Overall, I would like to see the piece done in Neutraface, but I think for the lack of $300 this version satisfies the needs of the assignment and my personal standards.

**–The font used is Telegrafico, one of my Top Five Favorites Free Fonts for the month of April 2010. The huge problem with Telegrafico is that there is no lower-case set. Luckily that was not an issue for this assignment.

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