Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At last! The long awaited Hispanic Batman Collective Anthology!

Holy frijole! An 80 page book filled to the rim with the adventures of Royal Flush favorites, Hispanic Batman and his homely hombre Roberto? Featuring a piece by yours truly?! You betcha. Here it is!

Because, you know, food corporations really are this good at targeting specific demographics.

You can pick up your copy of The Hispanic Batman Collected Archives, Vol.1 at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It's a limited 1,000 copy edition. Any copies that aren't sold at the con will be available on for $15 plus shipping and handling, while supplies last. Freekeeng get one mahn!
And check out the amazing cover by Tim Bradstreet. Awesome!

For more information, visit:
to preorder/buy:
and facebook:


  1. got me to crack a smile! Nice attention to detail with the "el Kellogo's", hah.

  2. Yayyyy BobbyO smiling makes my soul happy!

  3. I can't ha-wait to ha-read this hesse

  4. I actually caught myself thinking with a Mexican accent in my head more than a few times while I was working on this. I'm pretty certain that will start up again once I get the book.

  5. Hey Kristen! Was at Nuts n Bolts with you over the weekend, but i don't think we met. I was the dude in the green shirt with the sideburns in the back. I actually saw your mock Flush cover og Gaga and Hispanic Batman pinup you did over at Josh Bernstein's two weeks! Awesome work! Josh and I go way back & I'm actually doing the cover for the next issue in the fall right now!!!!! So pumped! Welcome to the fold, see ya down the road!

  6. Hey Patrick! Haha man, what a small world. Sorry we didn't get to chat at the conference, I feel like two days wasn't long enough to meet everyone. I went and lurked your website and recognized some of your work! I really dig it, btw, and I'm glad you're doing the cover of the next Flush. That's going to be so awesome seeing your work right on the shelves out for everyone. Congrats! And thanks for the compliments on mi gaga :)