Friday, September 3, 2010

adventures in screen printing

I took a printmaking class and got to make some fun things. My first projects were simple but as the weeks went on I started coming up with cooler ideas for potential projects. Then the course ended. Needless to say I have an unsatiated hunger and will be returning to this in the near future. In the meantime, here's some things I did in the class, starting with my first exercises...

Our final project was to make (20) five track mix cds with double sided covers to exchange with everyone else in the class. This is how mine came out, with some of the other cds from the exchange.


The idea was to have a theme, so I picked Armageddon via demon koala bears. The songs weren't so much about the end of the world (nor demon koala bears) as they were songs I'd want to have on my walkman as I watch the Apocalypse happen from my window.

1. you can't always get what you want
2. good times bad times
3. within you without you
4. nothing but flowers
5. spirit in the sky

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  1. I love the interior!!!! :D

    Awesome work, really wished I could silk-screen!