Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fish and Chicks: personal exercise in color, light and shadow

I did this just as a personal exercise for myself because I wanted to explore lighting and shadow. I feel like a lot of my work lacks a bold contrast between light and dark, and that's something pretty crucial to conveying the human form... so I should probably start doing it. I also wanted to get back to my original color sensibility... which is to figure out a way to use the whole rainbow. I think I pulled it off pretty well here, and managed to use the color as a secondary means of communicating the shape and glisten of the tail. If I were to put this image to practical use, I would use it as a cd cover for a screamo band. Probably Chiodos.

For my next project I'm going to be doing another project centered on the female figure, which was sort of the motivation for doing this exercise. More updates on that as it unfolds.

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