Friday, October 1, 2010

Aqua Buddhists for Rand Paul.

My latest sea monster:
Aqua Buddha

What's an Aqua Buddha, you ask?
Let me explain...

This is Dr. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, and candidate for the Kentucky U.S. Senate seat. Just like any other good Christian politician, he's got a closet full of non-Christian skeletons. Back in the day, when young Randy was just a lad attending Baylor, he was part of a super fun secret society known as the NoZe Brothers, whose mission was to terrorize the administration, pull all kinds of wacky liberal pranks, and apparently force female students to smoke bongs and worship bizarre deities.

photo: The NoZe Brothers. Rand is the one who could pass for Church Lady dressed as a Vietnamese rice farmer.

A woman who knew Randy and the funky bunch (pictured above) in their glory days reported that one time after trying to convince her to get high with them, the crew blindfolded her, took her to a creek, and forced her to bow down in worship of a god called "Aqua Buddha."

This story is far too good to let slide by. I've given it some very serious thought, and come up with my idea of what this Aqua Buddha fellow looks like. I may even go L. Ron with this one, and start my own religion, and write a whole series of holy books, of course featuring young Randy as prophet number one. Probably not though. I do intend to put this on a shirt though. Let me know if you want one.

Here's the underdrawing:


  1. I really dig the under-painting, largely because of the background.

    Awesome work as usual! Although it's a bit of a bummer that the son of Ron Paul is so.... not like his dad.

  2. This is the best thing I've seen on a blog since the last video Bill Maher leaked about Christine O'Donnell's feelings on masturbating witches.


    The Paul family rocks