Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from Kristin Leigh and C.O'D.

I made this as a poster for The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. My original idea for a COD piece was a cartoon of the witchy woman performing sinful acts in ritual worship of the Dark Lord.... but this is a more tasteful option.
I was very excited to see such a great response from the other rally-goers... And I'm sure dressing up like Sarah Palin had something to do with it. So many people were eager to snap a photo of/with me, and those who didn't still chuckled, grinned, gave me thumbs up and even hugs! The hugs were my favorite because it was two cute grampas and a high school punk kid.
Here's a better look at the creepy crawlies in the background of the piece. I plan on eventually turning them into a fabric pattern.

My dearest thanks to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central, the National Mall, the volunteer workers especially the two who started laughing as soon as I came up the escalator into D.C. en garb, the guy who shared his animal crackers, the Minnesota family who helped me get on camera and raised their tall son to have manners and let me get in front to see, the American flag greenmen for being awesome, anyone who smiled at me, Mandy and Eric for driving, Megan, Greg, Sarah, and Scott for allowing us to stay at their houses, anyone who gave me food, and all the drunk U.D. freshman who provided delightful evening entertainment after the rally.

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