Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tata Gala 2010

Hey guys, I have some exciting news! A piece of mine was recently selected to show in a juried exhibition that raises money for a really great cause. Sponsored by Juxtapoze Magazine, the Tata Gala is a show of illustrators, painters, designers and photographers, with proceeds benefitting breast cancer research. Each piece in the show is centered around le lovely lady lumps, in effort to draw attention to the need to find a cure and preserve these beautiful things we call boobs.

My piece was selected to be shown along with several other artists, on a 50 inch LCD monitor... that's only 10 inches less than my height! It was also chosen to receive the honor of "Distinguished Merit" which I was thoroughly stoked about, since I feel this is probably my favorite piece I've done to date. Here it is:

The piece is entitled "Verity" and meant to express the moment in the sickness when the realization that this isn't a nightmare finally, truly, sets in with the patient. I used my usual colored pencil, graphite, digital color combo for the figure, and figured out how to utilize some oil, water color, and ink textures for the background. Far more serious, and far more rendered than the majority of the work I've been doing, I'm glad to see that this was such a success.

Yesterday evening was the Florida show at the Sarasota Design Center. The New York "Best of the Breast" show is February 5th-25th at Sacred Gallery on Broadway. I'm not sure if my piece is going to be in that or not, but it's still worth checking out!

Find out more about the Tata Gala at:
For more on how YOU can help breast cancer research, please visit:

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