Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife: the concept that plagues modern women across the first world. The Ideal Woman is a notion that has been present throughout the history of mankind, or womankind if you prefer (you feminist). The Ideal Woman is an opinion, comprised of the collected and averaged opinions of the masses, on the matter of what a woman should be like. She is a figment, an invention. She is a goddess to men (or so women think) and a nemesis to women (refer to the prior). It evolves throughout time and varies by region. However impermanent the specifics of the standard may be, the one thing that has been consistent is its influence on the culture in which it exists. Once a woman enters domestic bliss and all the joys (chores) that come with it, the Ideal Woman takes on a whole new challenge of becoming The Perfect Wife.

This illustration will be featured with an article in my super-top-not-at-all secret futurezine, and will discuss the pressures and ridiculous expectations that modern women place on themselves to be the whole package. I'm currently extending an invitation to anyone who would like to share their thoughts and opinions on this matter over coffee.

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