Monday, September 12, 2011

Life with Lewis


Lewis is a mysterious creature disguised as a four pound miniature Pomeranian. This four year old fluff is my roommate Vanessa's side-kick, and the source of that little scritch-scratch-scritch-scratch you might hear rushing across my apartment floor. But when you hear him, I challenge you to try and find him. He's nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's off in one of his hiding places, or perhaps on some The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe-esque adventure.

In the past few months my relationship with this little f
ur ball has grown deeper, and the more I realize about him, the more I realize there's a whole secret world of thought behind that deceivingly cute, innocent face. Mr. Lewis is more like one of the goblins from Labyrinth than he is like Lassie. Just by being his weird self, Lewis is always inspiring me to draw little cartoons.
Here's a few:

There will be endless more to come, I'm sure.


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