Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Somewhere, beyond Route 23...

Somewhere, in my memory...
My girl, she stands on concrete land,
and watches the sun set on the Schuylkill.
Before my current set up, I used to live with another pretty blonde lady... Miss Andrea. As usual, my rendition fails to do her justice. She's so much better looking in real life, but I still think the illustration is worthwhile.

(Here's the under-drawing:)
Andrea and I lived together for two years, in two crummy situations. (Literally, there were crumbs everywhere.) In either location, we'd always hide in her locked room like little kids, shushing each other and struggling to hold back giggles when we'd hear the front door slam. I remember we'd often escape for walks through the upscale family neighborhoods of Philadelphia, which have the best tree-lined streets with the most exquisite architecture. We'd make our way to the Schuylkill River trail, where we'd watch the sun cast explosions of color as it set over the pollution riddled horizon.
Andrea is one of the most passionate individuals I know when it comes to her career goals and her trade. She slaves endlessly on projects, creating draft after draft until every last detail is perfected. For her dedication and hard earned skills, I admire and look up to her. I love this girl.


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