Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Human Studies: group II

Here are some more Philly creeps I creeped on and creeped out.

I'm pretty satisfied with my progress in spotting the difference between male and female structures. I think the next round is going to focus on the ladies.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

ADREA, Modern Homemaker

I present to you today, someone very important to me. This is my nearest and dearest, most beloved little girl, Miss Adrea Collins. Frequently regarded as "rather strange," Adrea consistently finds herself in a position where she's unconvinced that she's the strange one. To her, it seems the entire world and the way it functions is absolutely bizarre. So you must forgive her if she fails to process the information she receives in the same fashion as others.

Today, Adrea the home maker receives an email on her pocket computer that provides her with a glimpse of insight into the way other modern home makers accomplish getting rid of excess clutter in their pocket books.

*click to enlarge


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month, December 2011

And the December winner is... drum roll please...
Madeline the Pastry Mistress!!!
If you're looking for service with a smile, you won't get it from Maddy! Service with a snarl is this little tart's specialty. Have an inquiry about an item? Prepare yourself to experience what parents go through when they try to ask their teenage daughter a question. Don't think for a second she'll admit to not knowing something and refer you to someone who may. Without missing a beat, Madeline will assure you that even the owner himself couldn't answer your question. President Barack Obama may have given the thumbs up about this establishment, but don't count on getting the presidential treatment when our sour sweetheart is at your service. Did you feel like you were a stupid person before you decided to get a pastry? Well you do now! All thanks to Miss December, whose award of this honor kicks off the upcoming year of Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month!
Keep tuning in, to see all the incredible employees 2012 will surely lead me to encounter and be insulted by.

For now, here's the original drawing:


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Here's a little afternoon project I did for myself...illustrated a scene from a story.

Craig said to his father, with the same enthusiasm and amplification as always, "Gee Dad! Thith sunrithe is thimply exquithit! I can tell, today ith going to be a good day!"
Lee maintained his hollow smile as he thought to himself, Today I am going to kill myself.
How was he, of all people, supposed to live with the shame of fathering a son, whose ass he would have personally kicked in high school? Captain of the team with a five year winning streak, proud owner of a 12 foot personal display case of trophies, king of every school event, and now, the coach of current litter of Cougars... and this is what his seed produced. Having never made it to the NFL was nothing compared to the depression brought on by every single word out of Jake's mouth. After 16 years of choking back his irritation and forcing his face into an unconvincing smile, Lee Carson had to admit to himself that this was one game he wasn't tough enough to keep playing.
He calmly replied, "Yes it is, son. Yes it is."

excerpt from Ten Terrible Tales of Failed Family Bonding, by Harriet M. Ford

Suffice it to say, the author has been watching select episodes of Daria as a means of creative stimulation and "getting in the fiction writer state of mind."