Monday, March 5, 2012

Pistol, Post-Apocalyptic Pin-Up

Those of you that follow my Facebook Fan Page may recall this progress shot, which I posted on the first of March...

I'd like to think some of my readers get as much enjoyment out of my images as I do, and have been at least a tiny bit excited to see the end result. So, if my hopes are true... At long last! Here is the completed version, for which you've all been waiting in agonizing anticipation!

Post-Apocalyptic Pin-up

I'm happy with how this turned out. I really enjoyed playing with the exaggerated anatomy, fiddling with textures, and sneaking images into the background. The icon of the fighting female existing in a lawless desolate wasteland is something I rather fancy as well. It's probably a safe bet that, in the days to come, you can expect more Post-Apocalyptic themed images coming from my direction.

Here are a few close-ups of selected details...

And this is the original ink drawing...

(I did the original drawing for this piece while on a visit to see my dearest; my darling muse, Mr. Bobby O'Herlihy. This amazingly talented, hard-working, and intelligent young man is the source of great inspiration to me, in my work and my life. He somehow manages to spark within me, a certain drive, which I all-too-often struggle to find within myself... the overwhelming compulsive urge to just get crackin' on a bunch of crazyawesome illustrations, ASAP! So I'd just like to take this time to say briefly,
Thank you, Bobbyo! You light my creative fiahhhh.)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month: Feb 2012

And the February winner is...
Miss Euniik´the Wawa Meat Expert!!!

Now, Euniik´'s not a bad girl. On the contrary, she's very attentive to following the righteous path. She just wants to do her own thing. On the clock. While you're waiting for sandwiches. With your sandwiches. She's discovered the opportunity to use her daily garb to her advantage, in disguising headphones to help drown out the respectably unpleasant sounds of the establishment. However, in doing this, Euniik´renders herself incapable of hearing your cries as she hand your sandwich to some other guy who placed a completely different order, after you stood there and watched in mouthwatering anticipation as she prepared your crispy foot-long lined with delicious steaming balls of marinara marinated, cheese-drenched, meat. What's worse is her inability to hear what you're saying makes her incapable of understanding why it is so so heartbreaking to, after not having eaten since breakfast, watch your newborn sandwich get carried away... and why it is so infuriating to have your exclamations met with "Huh?" and a long delay from an expressionless face before finally saying, "I'll make you a new one." Without a single apology or indication of concern for the poor guy whose probably going to rush home eager to eat, only to be severely disappointed by his supper surprise, Euniik´takes the prize in this February's Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month competition.

Here's the original drawing:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another human study

Mariana took off her damp winter coat, and settled into her seat to gaze vacantly out the fifteen foot glass windows that lined the gray and burgundy room. This was the first of many coffee houses she would test on a hunt for a new favorite haunt. The graceful steam that rose from her mug warmed the skin of her chin and cheeks just enough so it no longer felt as though it may crack, should she make any sudden facial expression. "It's nice to have seasonable weather at least," she struggled to convince herself. After having recently been displaced from the comfort of her 57th floor condo overlooking Bryant Park, it took a great deal of effort to generate her own positive reinforcement on a day to day basis. North Dakota was not any place for an individual of her skill level and history of accomplishments, but Momma always said, "Follow your heart, girl." And that's exactly what she did. "Never fall in love with an army man," were the words of wisdom her grandmother supplied, which she thoroughly disregarded in a series of affairs with the Army, the Navy, the Marines, and even the National Guard ...the latter of which she often justifies with the old phrase, "It was Spring Break." The last in the line of men in uniform she set out to win over was the man she now called her husband-to-be, and she vowed that she would follow her man to the ends of the Earth, just like the heroines in her favorite fictions would do. Unfortunately for Mariana, her pledge got her plopped in the middle of Cafe Fargo, unaware that off in some subterrainean storage closet at his new base, her fiance Sergeant Folker fiddles around with an androgynously hot female Private's privates.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month: Jan 2012

The January winner of Philly's Most Awful Employee of the Month was selected from the pool of contestants to be featured on To help promote this new website, PMAEM wanted to highlight the first douche to make it to the Douche Hall of Fame.

We present to you...
Tino the Butcher

The Your Daily Douche writer did such an excellent job honoring this South Philly meatsmith, that this writer sees no further elaboration necessary.

The Butcher, Baby: Douche no. 002. This impudent meat shop employee is guilty of taking every possible opportunity to use the phrases "my meat" and "your meat" with strikingly unsubtle emphasis, as well as making uninvited, not to mention (a higher degree of offense) UN-CLEVER sexual jokes to a female customer. And he did it all while on the clock. And at the end of the day, he was monetarily rewarded for his douchey behavior. All off the books, of course.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Type Doodle no.763

I was practicing script lettering and thought the illustration of meaningful phrases might be a bit more exciting than simply doing the alphabet over and over.
Here's a doodle of one of my all-time favorite Latin quotes:

This saying means, Do what you are doing, essentially, live your life as it is happening. Occupying your mind with thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow will not help you do today. When I look at this phrase, I affix my own personal interpretation that it advises one should truly devote oneself to each thing one does, thus really experiencing each moment and being able to give our best effort. To live as well as you potentially can, you must first make sure you're right up front, with pencils ready to receive the lessons Life has to teach... not absent at home, or tardy somewhere, wandering the halls of your own head.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Club Girls Kim and Cheri

Stranger Studies no.423 & 424: Cheri Yodsuwan and Kim Libowitz
These two gals, dressed for a night out on the town, seemed to have found themselves lost in Old City Philadelphia on a Saturday night. Despite their most earnest efforts, repeatedly crying out "Where are we?" was to no avail. The two could not, for all the GPS apps functioning at 4G speed in the world, find their own location. Eventually it started seeming hopeless and the two girls stood in a huddle, Capri brand cigarettes pressed against quivering lips that recited their mantra, "Oh my god, what do we do?"
Then! Out of nowhere! Heroes appeared in the form of a motorcycle street gang... clad in leather, studs, Lynyrd Skynyrd patches and unkempt beards. Cheri's face lit up in reverie as she realized the opportunity that had just presented itself. She removed her phone from her glitter clutch, quickly clicked the Instagram icon, and yelled to Kim, "Facebook piiiiic!"

Here are the black and white versions, which as always I prefer:

*This is based on a true story that ended with me shouting "You're embarrassing yourself!"


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

People Watching Maxene Harper

Quick little day projects that involve spying on people, you know.

Stranger Study no.385: Maxene Harper
38 year old mother of two, Maxene Harper lives in Fishtown, in the same three story house she shared with her brother and his band after high school. Since the Badtouched Choirboys moved out, the place hasn't seen nearly as many holes in the walls, though many of the ACDC and Black Sabbath posters that hid the ones made 20 years ago still remain nailed in place. The band dismembered after Stevie died from a heroin and cocaine overdose. When BC lost their drummer, Max lost the father of (at least one of) her children, and she lost the love of her life. She turned to the arms of her "sisters", and discovered a new depth to her emotions. She never looked back. Today Maxene tries to make sure that she never loses her inner child, knowing that it's necessary to maintain when trying to successfully raise children. It is for this reason that she's acquired so many tattoos commemorating the music she danced to as a young teen; and it is for this reason that she makes nightly visits to the bar to get wasted with her local friends, the way they did as young teens.

Here's the black and white version:


Sunday, January 1, 2012

ADREA's Happy New Year

In many cultures, the New Year marks a new beginning, a time to start fresh and a chance to make this year better than the last. For members of Adrea's peer group, New Years Eve is a time to destroy your brain cells, stomach lining, and reputation.

Here's how our hero managed to avoid the festivities, and have a Happy New Year...

*click to enlarge