Sunday, January 8, 2012

Club Girls Kim and Cheri

Stranger Studies no.423 & 424: Cheri Yodsuwan and Kim Libowitz
These two gals, dressed for a night out on the town, seemed to have found themselves lost in Old City Philadelphia on a Saturday night. Despite their most earnest efforts, repeatedly crying out "Where are we?" was to no avail. The two could not, for all the GPS apps functioning at 4G speed in the world, find their own location. Eventually it started seeming hopeless and the two girls stood in a huddle, Capri brand cigarettes pressed against quivering lips that recited their mantra, "Oh my god, what do we do?"
Then! Out of nowhere! Heroes appeared in the form of a motorcycle street gang... clad in leather, studs, Lynyrd Skynyrd patches and unkempt beards. Cheri's face lit up in reverie as she realized the opportunity that had just presented itself. She removed her phone from her glitter clutch, quickly clicked the Instagram icon, and yelled to Kim, "Facebook piiiiic!"

Here are the black and white versions, which as always I prefer:

*This is based on a true story that ended with me shouting "You're embarrassing yourself!"


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