Wednesday, January 4, 2012

People Watching Maxene Harper

Quick little day projects that involve spying on people, you know.

Stranger Study no.385: Maxene Harper
38 year old mother of two, Maxene Harper lives in Fishtown, in the same three story house she shared with her brother and his band after high school. Since the Badtouched Choirboys moved out, the place hasn't seen nearly as many holes in the walls, though many of the ACDC and Black Sabbath posters that hid the ones made 20 years ago still remain nailed in place. The band dismembered after Stevie died from a heroin and cocaine overdose. When BC lost their drummer, Max lost the father of (at least one of) her children, and she lost the love of her life. She turned to the arms of her "sisters", and discovered a new depth to her emotions. She never looked back. Today Maxene tries to make sure that she never loses her inner child, knowing that it's necessary to maintain when trying to successfully raise children. It is for this reason that she's acquired so many tattoos commemorating the music she danced to as a young teen; and it is for this reason that she makes nightly visits to the bar to get wasted with her local friends, the way they did as young teens.

Here's the black and white version:


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