Thursday, January 12, 2012

Type Doodle no.763

I was practicing script lettering and thought the illustration of meaningful phrases might be a bit more exciting than simply doing the alphabet over and over.
Here's a doodle of one of my all-time favorite Latin quotes:

This saying means, Do what you are doing, essentially, live your life as it is happening. Occupying your mind with thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow will not help you do today. When I look at this phrase, I affix my own personal interpretation that it advises one should truly devote oneself to each thing one does, thus really experiencing each moment and being able to give our best effort. To live as well as you potentially can, you must first make sure you're right up front, with pencils ready to receive the lessons Life has to teach... not absent at home, or tardy somewhere, wandering the halls of your own head.


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